Since 2001, Le Gastronome has been importing quality food, wines, beers and spirits into the New Zealand market from France and other neighbouring European countries. Le Gastronome is now the largest importer of French food and beverages in New Zealand, in terms of the range of imported food products we offer.

Most of the products imported come directly from the manufacturer to our warehouse in Hamilton, so there is no middle man. Le Gastronome prides itself in offering the most cost-effective solution to our customers without compromising on quality. All our products are transported from Europe in refrigerated containers, and sensitive products like wine, cider, beer, chocolate and oils are stored at an ideal temperature within a controlled environment in our warehouse, in order to guarantee the best quality for our clients.

We supply high quality, genuine products made with natural ingredients, many of which are free of gluten and dairy ingredients. We also carry a large range of organic products, and biodynamic products that have been certified as using sustainable methods of harvesting or farming. The suppliers selected to work with Le Gastronome are mainly artisan producers who take pride in their products, produced with passion and the experience of generations behind them. In addition, Le Gastronome distributes some very well-known brands that are leaders in their fields, as well as select artisan products, mainly supplied to speciality shops and fine food establishments. Some of our products also are used by caterers, food manufacturers or chefs to enhance their recipes or the quality of product they offer.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a specific beverage and food ingredient you cannot find on our list or anywhere else in New Zealand. We have good relationships with a large range of suppliers and we would be able to source products specifically for you, as we have done many times in the past. If you are a Gastronomic or foodie person, we can point you to a distributor of our products near where you are.

We also distribute fresh and frozen products, such as European Cheeses, French Bread and Pastries, Speciality meats…