Le Guerandais Natural Sea Salt

Le Guérandais is known for its cooperative spirit, conveyed on a daily basis by mutual help, collective harvesting and the transmission of know-how dating back two thousand years.

The first salt marsh farming on the peninsula can be traced back to the iron age. However, it was a little later that the monks of Landévennec Abbey, when studying the tides, wind and sun, revealed the salt marshes’ true face and features. Salt farming helped uphold Guérande’s prosperity and reputation for many centuries.

In the 80s, if a handful of workers had not stood their ground, the guérande salt marshes would surely have disappeared, in favour of tourism enhancement projects. Deeply attached to their land and trade, several salt marsh workers decided to join together and show solidarity. They created a group holding in 1972 and founded a cooperative in 1988, with a dual objective: sustainable salt farming and the promotion of local salt.

Le Guérandais salt has been recognised for centuries as being one of the finest salts in the world. It is untreated, un-bleached and without any chemicals added, so it has kept all its trace elements which are required for the body to function well.



  • Natural coarse sea salt from Guerande – 500g box / 1kg bag / 5 kg bag / 25 kg bag
  • Finely ground sea salt from Guerande – 250 g pouring box / 500g bag
  • Fleur de sel de Guerande – 125g pouring box & linen bag / 250 g linen bag / 1kg pail / 5kg bag
  • Fine salt with herbs or seaweed – 400g bag


Beghin Say is the number one producer of sugar in France. La Perruche sugars come from Reunion Island sugar cane plantations. La Perruche is available in irregular-shaped white or golden brown sugar lumps, classic sugar lumps or smaller sugar lumps, or in crystal form known as Cassonade.

la perruche both

  • Brown cane sugar lumps 750g
  • White cane sugar lumps 750g
  • Cassonade pure cane sugar – 750g bag