Giffard Syrup

Giffard is renowned in France and Europe for “good taste”, as well as being a creator of delicious flavours. It all started more than a century ago, when Emile Giffard, a pharmacist in the Loire Valley, created the famous Menthe Pastille in his quest to create the perfect liquor.

For cocktails, long drinks or diluted with water (1:7), these French syrups are very versatile.





We have a wide range of available flavours and can procure any flavours from the range that you may require.


Orangina is a renowned beverage with an iconic bottle from France made from carbonated water, citrus juice and orange pulp. It is popular throughout Europe as well as Japan and North America.

Sizes & Packs

Orangina Bottles (8 x 250ml)

Orangina Cans (6 x 330ml)

** 1.5L bottles available on request


Mineral Water

Evian water comes from the rain and snow deposited in the French Alps filtered through glacial rocks for over 15 years. Evian is pure, naturally contains minerals and is a neutral pH making it safe for anyone to drink from new-born babies to adults.

Perrier carbonated mineral water is known as the “Champagne” of mineral water