Dolfin Chocolates from Belgium

For decades, Dolfin’s philosophy has been to mix natural, high quality ingredients directly into the chocolate mass. Fruits, spices, herbs, flowers or even the great classics are combined in perfect and subtle blends with the best traditional chocolates.

With gorgeous packaging, they make perfect items for gift baskets. The range of product come in different sizes.



collage 70g Dolfin
Standard 70g bars


CdV Display2
Carnet de Voyage range 30g bars
Gourmet Pouches milk, dark or mix 10g bars
10g assortiment2

Standard 10g bars

Rocher Suchard

The Rocher Suchar is a French tradition, a delicious praline heart coated with chocolate and nuts and coated again. it comes either in coated with dark chocolate or with milk chocolate. Either way it is an absolute decadent treat.

collage rocher

Monbana Chocolates

Monbana was started in 1934 by Louis Guattari and is still a family owned business held by the same family. The company has evolved from being the specialist of chocolate powder to now the world leader of Neapolitans, with a production of 1.5million per day. The company has grown from 15 people in 1985 to 300 in 2007. Monbana is the chocolate specialist with an expertise ranging from the production of chocolate powders to the creation of delicious chocolates and confectionery.



Latest addition to the Monbana family are the Milkshakes.Easy to prepare in 20 seconds in a blender. The flavours are

  • strawberry
  • vanilla
  • chocolate
  • mocha
  • caramel
  • mango
  • passion fruit
  • lemon
  • lychee
  • plain yoghurt to flavour yourself.



Chocolate treats in a tin

  • Almond – Chocolate coated & glazed almond
  • Mayenne nuggets – Raisins coated in dark, milk or white chocolate
  • Coffee plus – Chocolate coated coffee beans
  • Praline – Praline coated with chocolate & cereals
  • Crousti-Neige – Crispy cereal coated in milk & coffee flavoured white chocolate

Pralinea tin thumbnail           Crousti neige tin thumbailpepites mayenne

Mini hospitality biscuits, chocolates or nougats

Perfect products to compliment a cup of coffee. The special attention that will please your customers. Each box contains either 200 or 1000 pieces individually wrapped.

  • Mini cookies
  • Galets Bretoncollage hospitality chocolates biscuits
  • Amaretti
  • Lemon Palets
  • Nougat
  • The Coated Almond
  • The Pralinéa
  • The Crousti-Neige
  • Speculoos nugget
  • Neapolitans chocolate squares – Come in various flavours



Liquor chocolates

High quality chocolates filled with famous liquors, like Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Pear William, Raspberry liquor, Rum, Champagne, and Cognac.

  • Strip of 7 chocolatesliquor chocolate strip
  • Assortment box 400 units





Chocolate powder

Monbana is the French specialist of drinking chocolate. Over the last 80 years they have been developing amazing flavours. the powder come in beautiful 250 tins as well as in single serve sachets. The various flavours are Vanilla – Orange – Almond – Cinnamon – Spice – Caramel – Hazelnut Speculoos – Tiramisu – Christmas Gingerbread, and there is also a traditional  32% cocoa.

chocloate powder


Single flavour chocolate slabcollage one flavour slab 80g

  • Almond bar – Dark chocolate with almond
  • Strawberry bar – Dark chocolate with Strawberry
  • Cranberry bar – Dark chocolate with Cranberry
  • Blueberry bar – Milk chocolate with Blueberry
  • Hazelnut bar – Milk chocolate with Hazelnut
  • Apricot bar – Milk chocolate with Apricot





Mathez Chocolates Truffles

The chocolaterie Mathez is a specialist of fine dusted French truffles since 1934. It is a major reference in the truffle industry in France and overseas thanks to the high quality products they offer.

There are several ranges available in New Zealand:

  • The Diamond collection with boxes of 100g or 200g
  • The J’M collection, boxes of 100g
  • The Sweety collection, boxes of 250g
  • Les Parisiens, gorgeous metal tins of 200g

Those truffles come in various flavours: Plain original truffles, Orange, Toffee, Praline, Lemon Meringue, Cookies, Cocoa Beans, Strawberry, Raspberry, Chili, Popping Candy, Macaron.


Diamant Collection
Diamond Collection
13.00 J'M Collection
J’M Collection
Parisiens gamme
Les Parisiens Collection










collage sweety
The Sweety Collection