Flageolet beans, peas, lentils and other vegetables

  • Extra fine cooked flageolets beans – Bonduelle – Tin 400 g / 800 g
  • Haricot vert Extra fin – Grand Jury – Tin 400 g
  • Petits pois extra fin – Grand Jury – Tin 400 g
  • White asparagus tips – Grand Jury – Jar 250 ml
  • Puy lentils (dried) – La Penotte – 500g


Cornichons & Capers

The range of cornichon, capers & peppercorn in and spices is very interesting and very well priced for such high quality products.

  • Cornichons in vinegar
  • White onions in vinegar
  • Capers in brine
  • Green peppercorn in brine
  • Pink peppercorn in brine
  • Saffron Powder Mancha quality
  • Saffron threads Mancha quality

The cornichons are a must with all cured meat and pates or terrines in France. This cute sour pickled mini cucumber is delicious with just about anything.

We have few sizes available from the 210ml to the 5kg tin branded Amora, Grand Jury or En Cuisine.

Chestnut preserves

Minerve and Clement Faugier are two large French companies in the chestnut market. Although more industrial they still offer quality products.

Concept fruits / Ceuillette Descours is an innovative small producer of chestnut preserve products since 1975. They process only French and European chestnuts, known as “castanea sativa”, which is a very tasty chestnut. This producer follows more artisan and traditional processes.

Purée de marrons 300g RD nveau pot

Chestnut from Cueillette Descours

  • Chestnuts -vacuum packed – 200 g
  • Chestnuts -vacuum packed – Tray 2*200 g
  • Chestnuts -vacuum packed – Pouches 1 kg
  • Chestnut Puree – Glass Jar 300 g
  • Chestnut Puree – Pouch 900g


Preserves from Faugier and Minerve

  • Whole peeled chestnuts in brine- Minerve – 800g
  • Chestnut cream – Faugier – 500g