Duck confit is a traditional dish from the South West of France, where the duck meat (or the goose meat) is cooked very slowly in its own fat until the meat is tender and alsmot falls of the bone.

Rougie is very well know for its ability to produce one of the best confits. It was founded in 1875 and based in the medieval town of Sarlat in the beautiful Périgord region of France, and is the world’s number one producer of foie gras and moulard duck specialties. Rougié is the active partner of award winning restaurants around the world, bringing innovative culinary solutions for consistently outstanding duck delicacies.

The range of Rougie duck and goose product we import is wide. There is a wide range of foie gras, being foie gras entier, bloc de foie gras and foie gras with truffles, which come in a selection of sizes. As well as the foie gras, we have a legion of other Rougie products including cassoulet, duck and goose fat, duck rillettes and terrines, duck legs in confit and duck wings in confit. All of these products come in a range of sizes.

Duck confit 2 legs –  Tin 575 g

Duck confit 4-5 legs – Tin 1350 g

Duck confit 6/8 legs  Tin 1915g

Duck confit 12 legs – Tin 3820 g

Duck gizards confit -Tin 385 g


Duck fat glass Jar 320 g

Duck fat 3500 g

Escargots de Bourgogne

Dutruy, artisan producer since 1868, is in the heart of the Escargot harvesting area: Burgundy. They only process French Burgundy snails, renowned worldwide for being the best escargot.

We import the shells as well as escargot meat in a range of different sized tins. In addition to this, we also have escargot accessories including plates and tongs.

Burgundy escargots very large

2 dozen Burgundy escargot very large – 200 g

5 dozen Burgundy escargot large – 400 g

10 dozen Burgundy escargot large – 800 g

Burgundy escargot shells

1 dozen very large

4 dozen very large

120 dozen very large