Ecusson Cider 

Produced by Cidrerie du Calvados La Fermière, Eccuson is one of Europe’s largest independent cider producers with several state-of-the-art production facilities in Normandy. In business since 1919, this producer is renowned for some of the best traditional ciders in France and is now the number one independent producer of bottled cider on the French market.

  • Cidre Doux Ecusson – Semi-Dry Cider – 2.5% – 750ml
  • Cidre Brut Ecusson – Dry Cider – 5% – 750ml

Loic Raison Cider 

Loic Raison is traditional brand from Brittany, a famous French cider region. In 1923 Louis Raison started to distil cider and was soon selling it to restaurants all around Brittany. He gradually introduced his cider to the entire French market and grew the brand to the well-recognised Brittany cider brand it is today.

  • Cidre Doux Loic Raison – Semi-Dry Cider – 2% – 750ml
  • Cidre Brut Loic Raison – Dry Cider – 4.5%  – 750ml