La Maison d’Armorine

Artisan lolly creator, La maison d’Armorine was created in 1946. A family business handed from generation to the next. The 3rd generation is keeping with the traditional know-how and uses only natural ingredients (sugar cane, butter from Britany and Guerande Salt).

Based in Quiberon in Brittany, la Maison d’Armorine invented the famous Salidou, the salty caramel cream and the Niniches, the famous lollipops, which are now part of the Breton culinary heritage.

Salidou – Salty caramel

  • Salty caramelsniniches tin
  • Bonbons Caramel in mini round wooden box – 50g
  • Bonbons Caramel in cube box – 150g
  • Bonbons Caramel in a milk bottle box -150g
  • Salidou (salty caramel cream)
  • Salidou in jar – 220g
  • Salidou in tube – 80g


  • Florentins with Dark chocolate – tray 4 pieces
  • Florentins with Dark chocolate – tray 8 pieces

Niniches (candy cane lollipops)

  • Niniches lollipops in Gift tin – 160g
  • Cuchettes lollipops fruit or caramel flavours – 160g


Haribo lollies

Haribo is a very popular and well-known confectionery brand, founded in 1920 in Germany by Hans Riegel Sr. Today, Haribo is the biggest manufacturer of gummy and jelly sweets in the world, with range adapted to suit each market. They have acquired many traditional sweet manufacturers throughout Europe. We have brought a selection of the bestselling sweets in France being Fraise tagada, Maxi Dragibus (Large round jelly beans), Carensac (Liquorice bullets), Schtroumpf (Smurf), Oursons d’Or (golden bears). They are available in 30g or 120g bags.


collage haribo.



Other famous sweets

Carambar is one of the iconic sweet in France.
They are available in their original flavour, toffee, or now declined in a aray of fruity flavours.

  • Carambar Caramel – 130 g
  • Mini fruit Carambar – 110 g

carambar fruit

carambar 130g v1


The Pastille Vichy (mineral salt lollies) is another traditional lollie. Originated from Vichy and made to facilitate digestion with its mint flavour. Now it comes in other flavours such as aniseed and lemon.


Cachou Lajaunie are presented in a lovely yellow round tin. It is reduced liquorice originaly created by a pahrmacist in Toulouse, South of France, to freshen his customers’ breath. From that the cachou grew to the huge success known today with over 10 millions of tins sold every year.





Nougat,  Calissons & Marshmallows

We source Nougat, Calisson and Guimauve (Marshmallow) from specialist artisans.

Savin is a traditional artisan from Montelimar, which is renowned as the world capital of Nougat. They make nougat of exceptional quality, like very few still do.

Arnaud Soubeyran, another artisan in Montelimar is renowned as a creator of new flavours for marshmallow. They also make nougat of an exceptional quality using only local Provence ingredients.

Traditional soft nougat

Old fashioned soft nougat de Provence, with almonds only – 50g or 100g4- Nougat de Montélimar

Traditional soft nougat de Montelimar with almonds and pistachios  – 70 g or 100g

Soft nougat individually wrapped in a gift bag


8- Lanières de nougat

Hard nougat

Hard nougat individually wrapped in a gift bag

Traditional hard nougat slab – 100 g


Black nougat

Traditional black nougat slab – 70g or 100 g




They are a traditional French candy consisting of a smooth, pale yellow, homogeneous paste of candied fruit (especially melons and oranges) and ground almonds topped with a thin layer of royal icing. Calissons have a texture similar to marzipan, but with a fruitier, distinctly melon-like flavour.

They come with a plain or flavoured icing, offering variety and also beautifull colours, being a pleasure to the eye as well.

  • Box 12 calissons Tutti Frutti14- Minis Calissons
  • Display box 14 mini calissons traditional
  • Display box 14 mini calissons Tutti Fruiti (5 fruits flavours)
  • Display box mini calissons ind. wrapped – Approx. 180 units. – 1 kg **NEW**
  • Mix box nougat & calissons – 300 g (i)
  • Mix box assorted soft, hard & chocolate coated nougat
  • Mix box 15 traditional nougat & 10 calissons
  • Mix box 15 flavoured nougat & 10 calissons






Marshmallow come now in sticks or small bites.

  • Marshmallow sticks assorted flavours – 5×22 g individually wrapped sticks
  • Marshmallow sticks assorted flavours – 11 x32 g individually wrapped sticks16- Cubes Guimauve.doc15- Guimauves
  • Marshmallow sticks single flavour – 20×32 g individually wrapped sticks
  • Marshmallow sticks assorted flavours – 100 x32 g individually wrapped sticks