We import different confectionery products throughout the year, especially around the Christmas period so please get in touch for availability and range.


Haribo is a very popular and well-known confectionery brand, founded in 1920 in Germany by Hans Riegel Sr. Today, Haribo is the biggest manufacturer of gummy and jelly sweets in the world, with range adapted to suit each market. They have acquired many traditional sweet manufacturers throughout Europe. We have brought a selection of the bestselling sweets in France being Fraise tagada, Maxi Dragibus (Large round jelly beans), Carensac (Liquorice bullets), Schtroumpf (Smurf), Oursons d’Or (golden bears). They are available in 30g or 120g bags.


Dragibus, Tagada, Schtroumpfs (Smurfs), Carensac, Orangina Pik and other flavours (available in 120g bags)


carambar 130g v1

Carambar Caramel (130g) & Mini Fruit Carambar (110g)