Paul and Pippa Organic biscuits


Charming Organic biscuits from Barcelona. Paul and Pippa is a family of friendly people who love natural things. Who wants to eat artificial fat, colourings and sweeteners? Paul and Pippa don’t and neither do you. This is why they’ve come up with some delicious homemade biscuits that are healthy, 100% natural and organic too.

Sweet CrackersPAUL-and-PIPPA-Biscuits

All the flavours come in either a box of 80g or a tube of 125g

  • Coconut Valley
  • Lime after Time
  • Me and Grandma
  • Cocoa Chips
  • Lady Carrot Cake

Savoury Crackers

All the flavours come in either a box of 80g or a tube of 125g

  • Cheese Me
  • Tomato Bravo
  • Olive Party Time
  • Don Manchego



Broye du Poitou is a traditional galette (butter cookie) made only of high quality natural ingredients. It is absolutely divine…


traditional range

  • Croc’Sucre Tradition 35g

    gamme eco box

  • Croc’Sucre Lemon and ginger 35g
  • Croc’Sucre Chocolat 35g
  • Croc’ Sale tomato (12 savoury crunchy tomato, onion & basil biscuit)
  • Croc’ Sale Cheese (12 savoury crunchy sheep cheese)
  • Croc’Sucre Chocolate – 120g
  • Mini Galettes (bag of 25) – 125g
  • Croc’ Cafe mini galettes (200 unit box)


Goulibeur The Eco-box


  • Croc’Sucre Tradition -150g
  • Croc’sucre Lemon and ginger – 150g

Goulibeur gift range

  • Gift Tin box – 6*2 galettes
  • Gift Tin box – 8 Christmas tree galettes
  • Gift Tin box – 8 heart shape galettes
  • Large galettes in luxurious tin box collector -380 g
  • Large galette in History Gift box – 360 g
  • Pure butter Broye du Poitou topped with flaked almonds in wooden box
  • Pure butter shortbread fan shaped – wooden box

cube-2pc_sapin galettes cube-3pc_galettes coeur

boite_bois_eventail_hdbbois_380_ouverte_fond_blancbfer380_2016- 40 YEARS GOULIBEUR1






Other iconic French biscuits

The Choco BN is a traditional French afternoon tea since 1933. It comes in many flavours, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, hazelnut and milk chocolate.

bn-biscuits-fourree-fraise   chocoBNbn vanille


The other celebrity in the French biscuit aisle is Le Petit Ecolier (the Little Schoolboy), made with a slab of chocolate over a  butter biscuit. This tradition started in the 1850s and is still a success today.


le petit ecolier lait le petit ecolier ouvert